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Our comprehensive service provides essential logistic solutions for e-commerce and wholesale. We meet all the minimum technical requirements for webshops and wholesale clients, enabling you to start your own business within 72 hours. Using our services, you can save 50% to 80% compared to having your warehouse, and we guarantee the most competitive package delivery prices in the Croatian market.

Goods Storage

We provide secure storage for various types of products tailored to the specific needs of wholesale and online retail.

Packing and Shipment Preparation

We ensure professional packaging and product preparation, ready for safe shipment to the end customer or business partner. Package and pallet solutions.

Fast Delivery

Collaborating with numerous delivery services allows us to ensure competitive shipping rates for packages and pallets, with quick and accurate shipment.

Inventory Management

We enable efficient inventory management that increases productivity and reduces costs.

Cross Docking 

We specialize in package and pallet cross-docking that enables rapid distribution of goods without unnecessary storage delays.

Wholesale Solutions

We provide specialized logistic and storage solutions for the B2B sector, ensuring efficiency and reliability in wholesale transactions.

Product Returns and Complaint Handling

We take care of all aspects of product returns and complaint handling, providing equal service quality to wholesale and e-commerce clients.

E-commerce and Wholesale Integration

Our WMS can integrate with various e-commerce platforms but is also convinient for more complex wholesale operations, enabling efficient sales and logistics management at multiple levels.

About Us is an innovative Croatian brand and service provider in the field of e-commerce, fulfillment, a virtual office concept, and coworking spaces for work and meetings. We provide our clients logistically and commercially integrated solutions for product distribution, while offering everything that is necessary for starting a business in a very short period, including prepared documentation and physical space for remote work.

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Warehouse FAQ

  • What can warehouse services be used for?

    The warehouse lease service is intended for anyone who starts an online store. To start an online
    store it is necessary to have storage space with an area of at least 6 square meters.

  • What are the documents necessary for leasing the warehouse service?

    To contract a warehouse service it is enough to complete the request for business space lease and
    provide consent.

  • What is the location of the warehouse?

    The warehouse service is currently provided in two addresses, Savska cesta 41 and Šarengradska 7a,
    which are located very close to each other. At Savska Cesta 41 there is a possibility of leasing a
    warehouse service which includes a shelf with an area of 6 square meters with all documentation. At
    location Šarengradska 7a it is possible to contract larger storage space, as well as receiving,
    packaging and package delivery services.

  • Does the warehouse have the minimum technical requirements and for which business?

    The warehouse has the minimum technical requirements for all non-food products.

  • Does the warehouse provide the fulfillment services?

    Except for standard storage services on shelves and pallets, also provides fulfillment
    services, that is, comprehensive logistic solutions from receiving articles, storing, packaging, delivery
    and return.

  • Is there a minimum area to lease a shelf or quantity of pallets?

    No, the size of the shelves and the quantity of the pallets are leased depending on your needs. Our
    shelves are 150cm x 40cm, that is, 15cm x 80cm and 60cm high. The pallets are standard dimension
    120cm x 80cm.

  • When is it possible to collect the post in a leased PO box?

    In addition to warehouse and fulfillment services, at address Šarengradska 7a it is possible to lease a
    post office box. Simple receipt and storage of the mail which you can pick up whenever you are


Many years of experience in innovative solutions, many active clients and complete integration with brand Virtual Office Croatia is exactly what makes us stand out.

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