Warehouse.hr is an innovative Croatian brand and service provider in the field of e-commerce, fulfillment, a virtual office concept, and coworking spaces for work and meetings. We provide our clients logistically and commercially integrated solutions for product distribution, while offering everything that is necessary for starting a business in a very short period, including prepared documentation and physical space for remote work.As an integral part of business concepts, e-commerce has become one of the most important channels of distribution. The clients expect quick and trusted delivery of products and because of that online sale demands professionalism and transparency.We approach e-Commerce and fulfillment services holistically, which includes the entire package of activities – from receipt of orders, distribution logistics, return management, and cash flow management to comprehensive reporting, all with the aim of providing clients with a European platform that will meet all business needs at the highest level. In addition to e-Commerce, we contribute to the success of our clients with additional services such as comprehensive business care, sales activities on the online market, company opening and maintenance by virtual offices, marketing, and branding. The modular structure enables our clients to personalize the selection of packages tailored to their needs.


  • Responsibly deliver a service to each of our clients
  • Ensure pleasant work environment
  • Be involved in the community where we operate
  • Maintain high standards
  • Encourage innovations and progress

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  • How to register the address of the company?

    The address can register companies (j.d.o.o. or d.o.o.) that is in the process of establishing, as well as
    companies that want to change their headquarters address. For registration, it is necessary to
    complete the Virtual Office Croatia options request and Consent and to sign the agreement on
    providing a business address.

  • Can craft businesses use Virtual Office services?

    The craft businesses also can use Virtual Office services and register headquarters addresses. In this
    case,the agreement is signed on a sublease business address and the client is provided with all the
    documentation that enables sublease.

  • What does the headquarters address registration look like?

    The client must complete the Virtual Office Croatia options request and Consent, which is followed
    by headquarters registration on a relevant address.

  • How long is the activation period of the address lease service?

    The address registration service will be active after the signing of the agreement on providing of
    business address, that is, the agreement on the sublease of business premises, upon registration of
    the address at the Commercial court or craft registry and payment of first invoice issued by Virtual
    Office Croatia for its service.

  • Can the service package be changed subsequently?

    It is possible to change the service package as well as the possibility of adding or removing individual
    additional services. The change of the service package and adding or removing individual additional
    services is necessary to announce 30 days in advance.

  • Is it possible to contract additional services?

    All clients can add or cancel services from month to month, depending on demand. In this case, it is
    not necessary to complete Virtual Office Croatia options request, it is enough only written email

  • Where can the mail that is received at the address of the company or craft business be picked up? How are the clients notified about received mail?

    Personal collection of shipments is possible every working day between 8 am and 4 pm at the
    address Savska cesta 41, Zagreb, 9th floor. In case the shipments cannot be picked up in person, it is
    possible to send them by mail at the client’s expense, and by registered mail with a return receipt.
    Clients receive notifications about the mail received by email, telephone, or the way that suits them
    best. Therefore, it is important that they leave their contact details on the request for a business

  • Can the packages be received as well as the mail?

    Virtual Office packages STARTUP and STANDARD do not include receiving of packages, only mail. The
    receiving of the packages is possible only through contracting Virtual Office BUSINESS package, as
    well as the e-commerce package which is intended for launching online stores, and is specifically
    aimed at receiving, packing and shipping packages.

  • Which documents must be delivered for registration of address?

    To register a business address, it is necessary to submit a completed Application for the lease of a
    business address with information on the name of the company and the person authorized to
    represent and the Consent. In the mentioned documents, each client is obliged to state the name of
    the existing company or the company in the process of establishment and the personal data of the
    person authorized for representation. In the same Request, clients select the desired package of
    services, as well as additional services.

  • For how many months is a business address contract signed?

    The contract on providing a business address is signed for an indefinite period with a notice period of
    30 days. When canceling the contract, the service is valid until the first day of the coming month
    after the expiration of 30 days, and the last invoice is issued for that period. For example, if the
    contract is canceled on February 15, 2022, the service is billed and charged until the last day of
    March or April 1, 2022.

  • How many people can use the conference room and how many can use the multifunctional hall?

    The conference room is located on the 9th floor of business tower Zagrepčanka and it can
    accommodate 8 people.
    The multifunctional hall is located on the 15th floor and it can accommodate 40 people (cinema
    setup), and in the education setup it can accommodate 15 people + lecturers. The capacity of the hall
    depends on which setup better suits the client’s needs.

  • What is included in the use of the conference room? How is it equipped?

    The conference room is located on the 9th floor and it is equipped with a round table and chairs for
    up to eight people. Additional equipment includes a Flipchart, Smart TV, and WI-fi. In addition, the
    conference room lease service includes the reception of clients and the offer of hot / cold drinks
    upon arrival and / or during the break.
    Other rooms clients can use are a balcony, kitchenette, and toilets.

  • What is included in the use of a multifunctional hall? How is it equipped?

    The multifunctional hall has an area of 70 square meters and is located on the 15th floor. It is
    equipped with 40 chairs and 15 tables that can be used depending on the client’s needs. Equipment includes a laptop, projector, canvas, Flipchart, speakers, and microphone. Additionally, we offer the
    possibility of technical support.
    The service of using the multifunctional hall includes the reception of clients and the offer of hot /
    cold drinks upon arrival and / or during the break. Other rooms have a balcony, kitchenette and

  • Can the multifunctional hall be leased only for one hour?

    On weekdays between 9 am and 5 pm, it is possible to lease the hall for only one hour, while in all
    periods outside the above, and on weekends, the space can be leased for a minimum of 4 hours.

  • Does the multifunctional hall lease includes catering service?

    The service of leasing a multifunctional hall or conference room does not include catering service,
    but this service can be contracted with additional payment. The clients can also organize the catering
    service themselves.

  • Is there a possibility to lease only the lounge room?

    Lounge room can be leased for informal meetings. During working days between 9am and 5pm it can
    be leased for one hour, and in all other terms and on weekends the minimum hourly rate is 4 hours.

  • What is included in a private office lease?

    Private office lease includes use of the office equipped with basic furniture (table, chairs, shelves,
    drawers). Besides the private office, the clients can use the common rooms like a kitchenette, toilets,
    lounge room, and conference room. The price includes all logistic costs (utilities, internet, cleaning
    service, space, insurance, secretarial, etc.) and the use of the common rooms.

  • How does the use of the coworking unit work?

    The coworking unit is a flexible option and offers clients the possibility of the lease during the period
    depending on their needs (daily, weekly, monthly or annual). The price includes all costs (utilities,
    internet, cleaning service and others), and use of the common areas.

  • Are the private offices equipped?

    The private offices are equipped with basic furniture (table, chair, drawer).

  • Are the clients allowed to bring their own furniture?

    Office spaces have basic furniture (table, chair, shelves, drawers), and clients can bring additional
    furniture if they want.

  • Which additional services can be contracted with private office/coworking space lease?

    In addition to leasing an office or co-working space, services such as virtual office, virtual assistant or
    secretary, parking space lease, landline number, etc. can be contracted. We are at the disposal of all
    our clients and they can always contact us for business consulting and help and support in the field of
    marketing and branding.

  • During which working hours can private offices / co-working space be accessed?

    Each client who leases a co-working unit or private office can access them undisturbed. The business
    tower Zagrepčanka where the business premises are located is open 0-24. The identification card is
    secured for all clients to enter the office and office premises and it is used as a key for undisturbed
    access to working space anytime.

  • My question is not listed here. Where can I get more information?

    Call our customer service on phone number +3851 353 5905 or send your inquiry through the
    contact form.

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