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Rent your mailbox and
receive mail at a
dedicated address

Want to receive mail, but don’t have an address dedicated for personal use? Secure your own mailbox at our location and leave the care of the mail to us. In addition to receiving shipments, we also provide the service of leasing a business address, the
headquarters of your company or trade with the use of a business mailbox.Warehouse.hr offers the possibility of leasing your own post office box whether or not you need it as a private person, as a businessman, or craftsman, that is a legal person. Ensure that mail is received in a place reserved only for you, and if it is large-scale shipments, ourstaff will take over and store them until they are taken.In case you also need additional services, besides the physical mailbox address, like mail management and mail reception services, the Virtual Office services are at your disposal.With different packages within Virtual Office Croatia domain tailored to personal needs,ensure regular reporting of arrival, scanning or delivery and rerouting of mail to a specific address.

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