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Fulfillment services to
simpler storage,
packaging and
sending of

Fulfillment includes the entire service of warehousing, ordering, packaging,preparation for delivery and delivery to the courier service. The service includes a fully equipped warehouse for wholesale and retail via the Internet and is absolutely
tailored to your needs, which means that you can use the entire fulfillment package or only a certain part of the service that suits you.
The packaging center refers to a wide range of services, the most sought after of which are packaging, return and delivery services. In case you have an internal solution for some of the listed services, our team will be happy to help you with our standardized and modern approach to challenges for which you have not yet found an adequate answer.Packing service includes work of employees, preparing and storing goods in packaging, record keeping, and printing address list for the package’s dimensions of 60x40x40 (up to 2kg) or less. In case you need packaging for delivery, by agreement, we offer the option of making our own or personalized packaging compatible with your brand.Return point means that the employee engages, keeps records and stores packages measuring 60x40x40 (up to 2 kg) or less.Delivery service implies dispatch to courier services at selected (GLS, FedEx, InTime, TNT,etc.) at significantly more affordable prices than standard prices.

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