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Rent affordable storage space
according to your monthly

You have started your e-shop and created a website, but you need storage space?
Our storage space covers 300 m2 and can store goods in smaller and larger
quantities, depending on your needs, and professional staff will make sure that your
packages are always taken care of and safe. This logistics solution is particularly
suitable for smaller companies that often face the challenge of not being able to find a
smaller warehouse. Warehouse.hr fully adapts to your storage needs in a quantity that
is sufficient for you.Depending on the size of the products and your preferences, it is possible to lease shelves
of different dimensions or standard pallets. The shelves’ dimensions of 150cm x 35cm, that
is 150cm x 80 cm and 60cm high are suitable for storage package’s dimensions of 60x40x40
(up to 2 kg) or less, where goods are sorted and packaged in boxes. In case you need more
storage space up to a size of 150 m, euro pallets of standard dimensions of 120 cm x 80 cm
x 40 cm and with a carrying capacity of about 1000 kg are available, where the goods are
also sorted and stacked into boxes.
Whether you need your own pallets, combinations of palletized goods, shelves, packages
and shipments, contact us and we will find solutions for all your needs.

Not sure which solution is the best for your business?

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